Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random Stuff Today!

I have a Calculus test and an Art History quiz to study for tonight (both occurring on Friday) while doing other readings and Calculus homework.  I've been engaging in a e-mail discussion with someone who claims they know that God exists because they can "look up at the sky at 4am without a microscope", so I have been dealing with that.  This weekend, after the miserable Friday I expect to be having, I want to start up a project.  Two possible projects that I might be able to do are making videos to post on Youtube or using my livestream account to do a live broadcast while answering questions.  The problem with the latter is the fact that no one will probably show up as I don't have a very large following on this blog.  I am thinking that I should make a few Youtube videos and gain some popularity so I can promote this blog.  Then I will be able to do produce a broadcast that people may listen to.  My ultimate goal is to have a small, live, weekly show where I can take questions and have productive conversations on the air.  I am asking for some opinions and suggestions on what my most favorable course of action may be (not limited to the options I have mentioned).  You may e-mail me at or leave a comment below.  Thanks in advance for your contributions and have a great day!

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