Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Atheist Experience and The State of the Union Address

Last Sunday, one of the best episodes of "The Atheist Experience" aired on public access television in Austin, Texas.  "The Atheist Experience" is a live, call-in television program sponsored by the Atheist Community of Austin, a non-profit educational organization promoting positive atheism and the separation of church and state.  Last Sunday's episode is available in its entirety at http://www.atheist-experience.com/.  This episode covers multiple topics that I have written posts about; including:  "burden of proof", Gaby Giffords 'miracle', religious discourse tactics, and some of the fallacies people have about atheists.  I highly encourage everyone to watch this.  The program is only an hour long and the first caller emulates what a good discussion should be.

In the State of the Union Address conducted by President Obama tonight, several references to religion/religious people.  In the beginning of the speech he mentioned Representative Gaby Giffords and her empty chair.  He mentioned that we will all be praying for her.  See my first post for my comments about the "miracle" of Gaby's survival and praying for her.  Obama also mentioned that Americans that are Muslim are part of the United States' community.  This is correct; people need to stop attributing all Muslims to terrorism and citizens of the United States need to stop practicing xenophobia.  At the very end of the speech, Obama said "God bless America".  As usual, he pandering to the majority, ignoring all those who do not believe in the particular God.

Please e-mail me at brbailey@umd.edu or feel free to leave a comment below!  I have an idea for a live broadcast where I would answer questions and speak, but that would require an increase of interest (i.e. e-mails to me, comments posted, etc.)  Have a great day!         

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